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Puppy Love

Melissa and Reba.jpg

Just two weeks after adopting Reba ( 3 years old)  from the SPCA, I made an appointment with Neil to come meet us and possibly hire him to help me train my new four-legged best friend. Neil shared a plethora of information with me about dogs, food, behaviors, and even down to what type of harness would work best for my dog. Reba and I are rounding our three month anniversary together and she listens, she doesn’t jump on people, she comes when she’s called, and most importantly she walks like a champ on the leash. Dog training is more about training the owner then it is the dog. And Neil is just fantastic I highly recommend him whether you have a new dog, a dog you’ve had a while, a purebred, or a mixed rescue. Neil is your guy!

Melissa & "Reba"

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Dayal with "Keira & Leroy"

Cecily with pup.jpg

I have two amazing Golden Retrievers, but both are very "jumpy" and "in your face" almost the second they see a person. Especially house guests, and it's embarrassing. I would generally have to lock them up until the person came in and they settled down. 

I've had multiple trainers work with them and yet they just never got the concept. Then I started with Neil at Positive Touch Dog Training. 

The pups actually listened to him, listened to me and it was wonderful to see them follow through and keep what he taught them. I would HIGHLY recommend Neil to anyone that wants any type of training for their dogs. He helped fix things I didn't even realize they should not be doing. It's nice to walk in the front door and not get jumped on and pushed back out the door with all their excitement! 

Thank you Neil! 

CC & "Scarlett"