What We Offer You and Your Pets

Proper training is an essential part of good and responsible animal care. As a pet professional in the Tampa Bay area since 2005, I’ve had the pleasure of helping a lot of dogs and their "humans". 


Training that centers solely on the convenience of the clients, rather than the needs of the dog, will likely be detrimental to the dogs welfare.

As a professional, that is something that I must always remember.

While it is always important to understand your needs and concerns as my client, and do my utmost to provide you with support, I cannot and will not do this at the dog's expense!


As a trainer, I welcome the opportunity to help you and your dog, though it may not always be what you expect. I will help you to know and understand your dog better, to learn how to provide  for their needs and to "listen" to what they are "saying". I can show you how to be their advocate and how to help them feel safer and more confident. I will show you how to build a lifelong bond with your dog based on trust.  

  • Our coaching sessions are initially one-on-one in your home, however, depending on your dogs coaching needs, we may also work at other locations.

  • Each session is approx. 45 minutes​

  • Handouts are provided          


$90 -  Initial In Home Coaching & Behavior Consultation        

          $340 - 4 Coaching Sessions / In Home and other locations (prepaid)


To schedule your complimentary initial phone consultation, click here and submit the information form.

Basic Coaching

Our "Basic Coaching" is ideal for adult dogs that have had little or no training or that might just need a refresher .. These are just some of the coaching items that we focus on:

  • Positive Reinforcement- What it means and how it works

  • Cues- What words mean what

  • "Marking" the behavior and timing of the reward

  • Focus- "Look at me"

  • Jumping to greet people

  • Leave it/drop it

  • Touch

  • Wait/Stay

  • Introduction to Perfect Name Response

  • Introduction to Loose Leash Walking

  • Basic Manners & Beyond...

Behavior Modification

"Your dog is not giving you a hard time...Your dog is having a hard time".

Dogs often find it challenging learning about and coping with "our" world. 

Does your dog struggle with any of the following, to just name a few:

  • Does your dog show fear in meeting new people or experiencing new places and things?

  • Is your dog overly reactive when walking and encounters people and other dogs?

  • Do you find yourself walking your dog late at night or very early in the morning in hopes that you won't encounter any other dogs or people?

  • Does your dog display general fear and anxiety in everyday life?

Behavior Consulting may be a great option for you and your dog. Sessions will be done at your home and then progress to other safe areas.  Our personalized plans will be designed to fit your dog’s needs and your lifestyle.


"Fear is the most damaging emotion a social species can experience. It causes permanent damage to the brain"

Dr. Karen Overall