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Proper training is an essential part of good and responsible animal care. As a pet professional in the Tampa Bay area since 2009, I’ve had the pleasure of helping a lot of dogs and their "humans". Our holistic force-free approach to canine coaching is designed to give your dog the individual attention and care they need. 

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The Basics

Rescue Puppy

A great refresher or a place to start. We coach you how to coach your dog to live side by side in "our" human world! ​

Behavior Consulting

Black Dog

If your dog needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issues Behavior Consulting may be a great option for you and your dog. Sessions will be done at your home and then progress to other safe areas.  Our personalized plans will be designed to fit your dog’s needs and your lifestyle.

Puppy Start Right

Taking the dog for a walk

Puppy Start Right will provide you with the necessary knowledge and foundation experience to help your puppy develop into a wonderful companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of your training?

Each session is 45/60 minutes and the cost is $70/session. We also offer a 4 week prepaid training package for $240.

How will I know what to do once the training session(s) are done?

Our force-free positive training is focused on teaching your dog but more importantly, we teach you the proper way to teach your dog. Our goal is to help you to build a trusting bond between you and your dog. We also provide you with training handouts to refer to after our sessions.

Do you offer any support after the training sessions are finished?

YES! We offer phone and email support. Please remember that to see the results that you desire, takes commitment, patience and consistency. Successful training, and especially, behavior modification, requires observing and paying attention to what your dog is "saying". Additional sessions may sometimes be necessary.