Why Positive Touch Dog Training

Because it's all about your dog...

The National Council on Pet Overpopulation has found that over 90% of dogs that were given up by their owners and surrendered to shelters had not received any form of obedience training. Sadly, millions of potentially great dogs are euthanized at animal shelters in the US every year simply because no one took the time to train them.

Great dogs don't happen by accident. When you take the time to train your dog, you establish a powerful bond that helps to establish a long term trusting and caring relationship. Every dog has the power to be great! Will yours? It is up to you. Both you and your dog have the power to succeed in the training adventure.

I am a "positive trainer". I utilize ONLY science-based force-free training methods. My love for and lifelong fascination with dogs is what drives my passion for ensuring that people know that there is a more effective, humane, rewarding and enduring way to teach your dogs.

Positive reinforcement training opens the door to your dog's mind. It provides you and your dog with the keys to understanding each other's alien cultures. By rewarding your dog for desired behaviors, your dog learns how to do the right thing, rather than just avoiding doing the wrong thing. Your dog learns how to think and make choices. As you train your dog, you are creating a relationship based on trust and understanding. You will also be amazed by your dog's learning potential and positive attitude.

​The choice before you is a simple one: do you want your dog to follow you because she wants to or because she is afraid of what will happen to her if she doesn't? To me, the answer is obvious. ​